Manos Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Lancaster, PA // Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: Manos House chose Kreider & Diller as general contractor for the huge challenge of completely renovating and restoring a former crack house next to its facility on South Prince Street in Lancaster City. This formerly blighted property has been completely restored to historic splendor and is an effective facility in serving Manos House clients. Along with the restoration, Kreider & Diller added a 500 square foot addition, while carefully maintaining the home’s intricate historical features. The Manos House project was awarded the C. Emlen Urban Award for outstanding preservation efforts by the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

AREA: Renovated Area – 3,450 s.f., Addition – 510 s.f.

LOCATION: 131 S. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA

YEAR: 2000

Hempfield Recreation Center, Landisville PA // Lobby Renovations

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DESCRIPTION: Hempfield Area Recreation Commission – security concerns and the lack of a smooth flow of members through the entrance lobby of this busy sports facility created a need for change. Kreider and Diller teamed up with TONO Architects to come up with a design to solve the problem. Structural modifications were done to create a 7′ wide opening where there once was a congested 3′ door to the locker rooms and pool. A new reception station was constructed closer to the main entrance with entrance and exit gates to control the flow of traffic. The entrance gate incorporated a card reader to register members and allow the gate to be opened when a member swiped their card. Also, a new lounge area was created with new lighting and countertop.

AREA: + 1500 s.f.

LOCATION: 950 Church Street, Landisville, PA 17538

YEAR: 2010

Hawthorne Ridge Community Center, Lancaster PA // Recreational

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DESCRIPTION: This project involved demolition of an existing barn on the site to make way for the new community center. Designed by TONO Architects the structure is a hybrid of conventional framing and timber framing. Stone and barn siding from the demolished barn were salvaged for reuse on the new center. The building contains a large timber framed community room, lobby, kitchen, toilet rooms and an exercise room.

AREA: 3,600 s.f.

LOCATION: 229 Pennshire Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603

YEAR: 2010

Student Lodging Leasing Office, Millersville PA // Renovation

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DESCRIPTION: Student Lodging, Inc. – Renovations of an existing student housing leasing office. Included construction of a new glassed-in lobby and vestibule and a new ramp for handicap access.

AREA: Renovated Area: 400 s.f. // Addition Area 100 s.f.

LOCATION: 508 Hillview Avenue, Millersville, PA 17551

YEAR: 2008

Smoketown Airport, Smoketown PA // New Hangars

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DESCRIPTION: Two 70′ x 72′ hangars were constructed at Smoketown Airport. The hangars were of pole barn construction with metal roofs and siding. Each hangar had an ADA toilet room and rough plumbing was installed for two more toilet rooms so additional toilet rooms could be added if a future tenant chose to subdivide a hangar. The hangars feature 60′ x 16′ Hydroswing doors.

AREA: 10,080 s.f.

LOCATION: 311 Airport Drive, Smoketown, PA

YEAR: 2008

North Queen Street, Lancaster PA // Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: The facades of two building that were formerly part of the James F. Wild Auto Parts site on North Queen Street, Lancaster were restored to their original appearance. Portions of the rear of the two buildings were demolished and a new 2,400 s.f., three-story addition was constructed. Two commercial retail spaces were constructed for the first floor, and four residential condominiums filled the second and third floor spaces. A fire sprinkler system as added to protect the structure.

AREA: Addition Area 2,400 s.f. // Renovated Area 6,600 s.f.

LOCATION: 341-347 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA

YEAR: 2008

Nikolaus & Hohenadel LLC, Lancaster PA // Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: Lancaster law office renovations. Adaptive reuse of unfinished space in this 1800’s brick building. Special features – Installed three windows with Fire Glass in a blank brick wall that was on the property line. Space included a conference room, five private offices open plan office area, copy room, lunch room and toilet room.

AREA: 2,600 s.f.

LOCATION: 212 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA

YEAR: 2007

Northgate Condos, Lancaster PA // Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: This condo project was a multiple-phased residential project at the former James F. Wild Auto Parts site on North Queen Street, Lancaster. The existing three-story brick warehouse was renovated into six 1, 900-square-foot condos. Six indoor parking spaces were created in the basement with an entrance ramp off of North Christian Street and an exit ramp into a gated courtyard. The overhead doors to the basement garage are controlled by electronic openers controlled by the residents. A concrete stair tower was constructed on the outside of the building, in conjunction with an elevator within the structure of the warehouse. The interior and exterior of the brick walls were repaired or rebuilt, cleaned, and repointed. New window and patio door openings were created. The interior wood columns, beams, and floor board ceilings were media blasted an left exposed in many areas. A fire sprinkler system was installed throughout the structure. The third floor roof was reconstructed to better utilize the floor as penthouse condos. The views are breathtaking.

AREA: 14,000 s.f.

LOCATION: 336 North Christian Street, Lancaster, PA

YEAR: 2007

Milller’s Crossing Clubhouse, Millersville PA // Recreational

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DESCRIPTION: A new Community Center with an exercise facility, restrooms, offices, and model apartment was constructed for this thriving residential community. The clubhouse consists of a large cathedraled ceiling community room with a kitchenette, adjoining a spacious deck. A see through gas fireplace is viewed from the deck as well as an interior lounge area. The well equipped exercise room is convenient to restrooms and may be entered with a card reader 24/7. Sales offices and a model apartment make up the balance of the main floor. The slope of the site allowed for a partial garage basement for maintenance equipment and a toilet room for maintenance personal.

AREA: 3,850 s.f.

LOCATION: 100 Country View Lane, Millersville, PA

YEAR: 2007

Millersville Bible Church Barn, Lancaster PA // Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: Convert Existing Stone and Frame Barn to a Conference Center. When Millersville Bible Church acquired the property at 1940 New Danville Pike, an old barn was included in the purchase. The church renovated the old barn to provide a separate on-campus spot for Sunday school classrooms and retreat center. The barn’s last use was to accommodate the annual “Scream in the Dark” function held by the former owner, Lancaster Youth for Christ. A large barrel walk-thru and other props were still in place. To convert the barn into a classy new place for young people, a number of steps had to take place. Structural engineers had to evaluate the condition of the barn and provide guidance to perform the structural repairs. Masons chiseled mortar joints, sand blasted and repointed the barn foundation inside and out. The interior of the barn was cleaned of years of dirt and cobwebs. The Peach Bottom slate roof was repaired and a new black painted steel ridge was installed on the peak of the roof. Some of the windows and doors were closed in on the upper level, and painted steel siding was installed on the exterior barn walls, including new soffit, fascia and gutter. Rigid insulation and drywall were installed between the existing exposed floor beams for energy efficiency.

AREA: 2,325 s.f.

LOCATION: 1940 New Danville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603

YEAR: 2005

Nissley Vineyards, Bainbridge PA // Mill Adaptive Reuse

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DESCRIPTION: Restoration and conversion of a 1797 mill for Nissley Winery’s corporate offices. From the outside the building looks like a well-preserved 1797 stone mill, but on the inside you will find beautiful comfortable offices. The project was awarded the C. Emlen Urban Preservation Award for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse in 2004 from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

The 45′ x 50′ three-story building was in good repair outside but the interior of the stone walls needed cleaned and repointed and the floors were nine inches out of level because the corner of the building, where the millrace had once run through building, had settled.

The second floor framing was redone to create a level floor. The third floor framing had been removed many years ago, so the third floor was reconstructed using the original beams and columns for support. Due to the settling, the window openings were parallelograms and the original wood lintels were sagging. Steel angles were installed over the old wood lintels to add strength and still give the appearance of an old wood lintel. New simulated divided light, insulated glass, window sash were constructed to match the old windows and new sash liners were installed to make the windows energy efficient and functional. The new yellow pine wood floors, wainscot, trim and drywall were carefully coped into the stone walls. A three stop elevator was also installed.

AREA: 6,750 s.f.

LOCATION: 140 Vintage Drive, Bainbridge, PA 17502

YEAR: 2004

Millersville Student Housing, Millersville, PA // New Student Housing

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DESCRIPTION: In 1998, by winning a competitive bid, Kreider and Diller were awarded the first phase of a four-phase project to build a new off-campus housing for Millersville University students. The first phase involved construction of three new 5,000-square-foot buildings and cosmetic renovations to three existing buildings. In the fall of 2001 due to Kreider and Diller finishing the first phase on time, and delivering a quality product, the owner negotiated with Kreider and Diller to build the next three phases of the project. These phases will encompass 65,000 square feet in 13 buildings and provide housing for 234 students.

AREA: 16 buildings encompassing 65,000 s.f.

LOCATION: Hillview Avenue, Millersville, PA

YEAR: 1998-2003

AAA Central Penn, Lancaster, PA // Office Renovation and Addition

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DESCRIPTION: Kreider and Diller offered complete design/build services to combine an addition with substantial interior renovations, including the addition of an ADA accessible elevator, for their new facility at James and Prince streets in downtown Lancaster.

AREA: Renovated Area 2,750 s.f., Addition 1,213 s.f.

LOCATION: 101 W. James Street, Lancaster, PA

YEAR: 2001