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Millersville Bible Church Barn, Lancaster PA // Adaptive Reuse


DESCRIPTION: Convert Existing Stone and Frame Barn to a Conference Center. When Millersville Bible Church acquired the property at 1940 New Danville Pike, an old barn was included in the purchase. The church renovated the old barn to provide a separate on-campus spot for Sunday school classrooms and retreat center. The barn’s last use was to accommodate the annual “Scream in the Dark” function held by the former owner, Lancaster Youth for Christ. A large barrel walk-thru and other props were still in place. To convert the barn into a classy new place for young people, a number of steps had to take place. Structural engineers had to evaluate the condition of the barn and provide guidance to perform the structural repairs. Masons chiseled mortar joints, sand blasted and repointed the barn foundation inside and out. The interior of the barn was cleaned of years of dirt and cobwebs. The Peach Bottom slate roof was repaired and a new black painted steel ridge was installed on the peak of the roof. Some of the windows and doors were closed in on the upper level, and painted steel siding was installed on the exterior barn walls, including new soffit, fascia and gutter. Rigid insulation and drywall were installed between the existing exposed floor beams for energy efficiency.

AREA: 2,325 s.f.

LOCATION: 1940 New Danville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603

YEAR: 2005

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