Nissley Vineyards, Bainbridge PA // Mill Adaptive Reuse

Nissley Vineyards, Bainbridge PA // Mill Adaptive Reuse


DESCRIPTION: Restoration and conversion of a 1797 mill for Nissley Winery’s corporate offices. From the outside the building looks like a well-preserved 1797 stone mill, but on the inside you will find beautiful comfortable offices. The project was awarded the C. Emlen Urban Preservation Award for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse in 2004 from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

The 45′ x 50′ three-story building was in good repair outside but the interior of the stone walls needed cleaned and repointed and the floors were nine inches out of level because the corner of the building, where the millrace had once run through building, had settled.

The second floor framing was redone to create a level floor. The third floor framing had been removed many years ago, so the third floor was reconstructed using the original beams and columns for support. Due to the settling, the window openings were parallelograms and the original wood lintels were sagging. Steel angles were installed over the old wood lintels to add strength and still give the appearance of an old wood lintel. New simulated divided light, insulated glass, window sash were constructed to match the old windows and new sash liners were installed to make the windows energy efficient and functional. The new yellow pine wood floors, wainscot, trim and drywall were carefully coped into the stone walls. A three stop elevator was also installed.

AREA: 6,750 s.f.

LOCATION: 140 Vintage Drive, Bainbridge, PA 17502

YEAR: 2004

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