Neffsville, PA // Garage Addition

Neffsville, PA // Garage Addition


Project Description

The existing 2-car garage was often full of property maintenance equipment causing the owner’s cars as well as the property staff to park in visible areas around the home—often in the formal visitor loop. The homeowners wished to have dedicated garage space for their vehicles as well as a court area that allowed for additional vehicles to be parked away from the main entrance. The husband also desired an in-home office space with more daylight and views as opposed to his previous basement office.

By creating a new 3-car garage with maintenance storage at the daylight level to the back of the house, the architect was able to create garage space for the family’s cars, while creating a private vehicle court that was visibly screened from their visitor’s loop. The existing garage was converted to a new formal office space with views to the back of the property. An octagonal entry element was designed to meld the new with the old and also to create a noticeable gateway for visitor entry to the backyard.

bia remodeling showcase award logoThis project received recognition from the Building Industry Association of Lancaster’s Remodeling Showcaseas the 2017 Addition Award. For a full description of this project, read the article in the Spring 2017 edition of Renovations & Additions MagazineRead the article »

LOCATION: Neffsville, PA 17601

YEAR: 2016

Yohe Architecture & Design
M&E Roofing
Shank Door Company
Ralph Schlegelmilch & Sons
Rock & Metal Systems
Mervin Zimmerman Inc.
Nolt Electric
Millwood Tree Transplanting

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