Nissley Vineyards, Bainbridge PA // Winery Fire Restoration & Reconstruction

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DESCRIPTION: On January 22, 2006, the winery and more than 10,000 gallons of wine were destroyed in a fire. After the rubble was removed, the remaining masonry foundation was cleaned before the reconstruction could begin. The winery building was actually an old tobacco barn that had several additions over the years, so the roof structure was redesigned to simplify the reconstruction and to improve the appearance of the building, yet retain the look of an old barn. The redesign also provided a new usable third floor. In spite of the extensive fire damage the retail store was able to remain open and the Nissley family was able to hold their summer concerts on the lawn in front of the winery as usual. Wine making and bottling was interrupted but was back in operation by the beginning of June. When the work was finished, Nissley’s winemaker declared the building and the wine making operation to be better than it was before the fire.

AREA: 12,000 s.f.

LOCATION: 140 Vintage Drive, Bainbridge, PA 17502

YEAR: 2006