Custom Homes

When you have the opportunity to build your own home, you can create a building that is customized to your family’s lifestyle. A custom home can have everything your family needs and nothing that it doesn’t.

If you’re interested in working with custom home builders, consider Kreider & Diller Builders, Inc. We have over 60 years’ experience creating custom homes in the Lancaster, PA, area.


At Kreider and Diller Builders, we believe your home should reflect your style and needs. This might mean expanding onto your existing home with a custom-designed addition. We take a different approach to each project to come up with a design that is as unique as your home. With our experience, we know the complexities of adding on to your home. It’s our goal to make the process as enjoyable as possible.


Does your kitchen or bath need a revamp? Or maybe your home doesn’t flow as it should? Whether your house is old or new, at Kreider and Diller Builders, we have the experience to transform your space to to make it more functional or simply more beautiful.