Hillcrest Rd, Lancaster PA // Addition & Renovation

Hillcrest Rd, Lancaster PA // Addition & Renovation


DESCRIPTION: Addition and renovation for a new master bedroom and bath. Added a new second floor master bedroom over an existing first floor family room, renovated an existing second floor bedroom for the new master bath and hallway for access to the master bedroom.
Created a new second floor laundry in an existing walk-in closet. A temporary outside stairway was constructed to minimize construction activity thru the house. Constructed a new gabled roof over the existing bedroom and new master bedroom which was a flat roof before. Salvaged slate was installed on the new roof to match the existing.

AREA: Addition Area: 256 s.f. // Renovated Area: 230 s.f.

LOCATION: Hillcrest Road, Lancaster, PA 17601

YEAR: 2008

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