Sagerville Road, Bainbridge PA // Historic Restoration

Sagerville Road, Bainbridge PA // Historic Restoration


DESCRIPTION: A complete restoration of the interior of a 1750 Meeting House of the Old Order River Brethren and construction of an adjoining sunroom to connect the original Meeting House to the existing 1868 farm house was done. The owner did extensive research on the history of the building and has a copy of the original deed from William Penn dated 1739. The stone and brick walls were stabilized and a new floor structure was installed. A study, 1 1/2 baths, 2 bedrooms, and a family room was created. Many people would have simply torn the building down because of its extremely neglected condition. However, the Luck’s invested considerable effort, time, and money to restore the building to its present, beautiful condition. The outside of the structure remains virtually unchanged. The building retains its original character while gaining updated and comfortable usefulness. This project was awarded the C. Emlen Urban Preservation Award for Adaptive Re-use in 2005 by the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.


LOCATION: Sagerville Road, Bainbridge, PA


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