Adaptive Reuse from Kreider and Diller Builders, Inc in Lancaster, York, and Surrounding Areas in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Adaptive Reuse is the process of repurposing a building for a specific business type. This could be a historic building or a company from another industry. While technically challenging, this method creates beautiful work spaces and incredible works of art. Kreider and Diller Builders, Inc has mastered this craft and has successfully transitioned numerous buildings within Lancaster, York, and Surrounding Areas in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Maintaining Standards

When crafting a new building from a historic one, there can be many challenges. One such challenge is bringing these sites up to modern day standards. Before starting a project, we spend much time researching building records and checking a building’s Certificate of Occupancy in order to scan for clues. Following that, we’ll do a physical walk-through. In certain cases, the weight of a business can be too much for older floors to handle. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that’ll do it’s full due diligence. 

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Finding the building to suit your needs is an important one. Among other things, you want the perfect location, good energy, and a space that can house your company. Over the years, many people have entrusted Kreider and Diller Builders, Inc with creating this space. Schedule a free consultation with us today by filling out the form that can be found here. We look forward to working with you!

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